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Spring 2 - Photographs

Mathematics - Number Sense

This week in Mathematics, we were representing a given number within the full counting sequence from 1-20. We used jigsaws and numicon. 

British Science Week 2023

To celebrate British Science Week 2023, we sent a message to Birch class on tin cans. We experimented with rolling them off different slopes and objects to see what would get the tin can the furthest. We also had a visit from a real Scientist who taught us how to make 'goo.' The children thoroughly enjoyed the day!

The children took part in Mini First Aid training. They learnt how to deal with situations, such as bump to the head, cuts and serious emergencies.
Please help your child by teaching them their address and by showing them how to dial 999 in your mobile phone.
We were so proud of their knowledge and understanding. Well done EYFS!

Learning about doubling in Maths

When I grow up I want to be.....

The children explored lots of different occupations and had a think about what they would like to be when they grow up. 

Positional language

This week we have been learning about positional language. The children were challenged to put the dinosaur in different positions. 

Police car

This term our topic is 'Helping Hands.' We made a police car to go in our roleplay. Firstly, we looked at the pattern on the police car and the children identified a repeating pattern of blue, yellow, blue, yellow. Next, the children selected the correct colours and worked together to paint the car.