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Elder Class

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Welcome back to Summer term in Elder Class!
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The adults in Elder class are:

Mrs Shiers

Mrs Foolat

Miss Dixon

Miss Foolat

They are here to support and help you and your children.

We have a busy term ahead of us with the Year 6 children in Elder completing their SATs, performing in their final production and then leaving us for high school. The Year 5 children are working just as hard, ensuring they enter Y6 as prepared as they can be for their final year. 


We have a class trip to look forward to, as well as exciting topics about light, sound and electricity and then Space.


See our newsletter for more details about what we cover during the term and important dates to look out for. More activities and events are added to the list all the time!

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Reading Awards update!!


I am really pleased that almost everyone in class has achieved at least their Bronze award. My aim is for every child to have achieved their bronze and silver award before the end of the school year. Keep reading!!

Summer newsletter - Elder

Welcome back - Spring 2019

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The adults in Elder class are:

Mrs Shiers

Mrs Foolat

Miss Dixon

Miss Foolat

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During Spring Term our topics are 'That's Life Episode 2' and 'The Maya: Cities of Stone'. We will cover different subjects through practical and creative activities, alongside Literacy and Numeracy lessons. You can read more about the work we are covering on our newsletter!


Keep an eye on the Class Dojo for more up-to-date glimpses of our work in class. 

Mrs Shiers' recommended reads!!

Mrs Shiers' recommended reads!! 1
In class there will be a selection of books for 9-12 year olds that Mrs Shiers has enjoyed reading or thinks would be a great read for Elder! The class can borrow them to read, enjoy and then recommend to their classmates and friends!

Spring focus!

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Within school and Elder class, there will continue to be a focus on learning times tables for quick recall by using Times Tables Rock Stars at home and the Mountain Challenge in school. Keep it up - we are seeing fantastic improvements!


Our new Reading Challenge is still very much at the top of our list. Remember - read 3 times a week and have your Reading Record signed by a parent every time. Do this within 6 weeks and you will earn a Bronze jumper badge. Then 8 more weeks for Silver and 10 more weeks for Gold. 

Readers are Succeeders!!!


At the moment Elder are listening to Mrs Shiers read :

At the moment Elder are listening to Mrs Shiers read : 1

Elder Spring Newsletter

Elder Autumn Newsletter 2018-19

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Elder Summer newsletter

Summer Term in Elder Class!


We have a very busy term ahead of us - three topics to cover, transition to Y6 or high school and lots of summer fun to be had!

The newsletter details some of the themes covered in our English, Numeracy and topic lessons. As usual we will develop our skills with written and creative work. 


Our first topic is called 'A World of Cracking Ideas!' Have we got a host of budding inventors in Elder Class? We will find out over the next few weeks. Our creative challenges will need us to use a range of skills: communication; cooperation; evaluation. I'm sure the children of Elder will rise to the challenge!
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Elder Spring Newsletter

This half term our topic is 'That's Life Episode 1' with a science focus on Life and Living things in the environment. Through our creative work we will also be covering Art, Computing and PSHE. Some Literacy and Numeracy work will also link with our topic. After half term our topic will have a history focus: Walk Like an Egyptian.


In Literacy our unit themes are Figurative poetry and Older Fiction, moving on to studying a novel, Myths and Legends and non-fiction writing.

Numeracy will continue to focus on mental strategies, quick recall and using and applying skills through a variety of units. 

December 4th - Today Elder were thinking about Tim the Ostler from the poem 'The Highwayman' . We found a clip of John Kirk, our visiting storyteller, giving Tim's side of the tragic story. Here is his clip from YouTube:


November 28th 2017 - Last week we had a visiting storyteller, John Kirk, in school. He showed the children how to tell a story from memory, using props and different voices to enthral the audience. The children across school really enjoyed their workshops with John. Here are some of the things Elder had to say about the day!


"The storyteller, John Kirk, told us a stroy which is so funny. the funniest part was when he squirted water from a tiny gun. The fun part was when some people came out and he dressed them up -but the dog from the story had an accident on them! Daisyfield - did you like this storyteller as much as I did?"

Humaira Cassamobai


"Our visitor John was telling us stories - the stories were funny and joyful. The highlights were when he squirted water all around us, put wigs on people and when you made someone wear the dog's mask."

Abdurrazaq Abdurrahman

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Today we are using Henri Matisse as our art inspiration. We have discussed reflective and rotational symmetry, degrees around a point and different media!


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Elder have been reading this fantastic book as a class story. This week we are using some of the text to develop our writing of complex sentences. 

The Alchemist's Letter

The Alchemist's Letter  1
The Alchemist's Letter  2
The Alchemist's Letter  3
Elder have really enjoyed using an animation called The Alchemist's Letter on The Literacy Shed. We used the film to introduce a range of writing features including simile, metaphor and pathetic fallacy!
Here is some of the work we have been covering in our Abracadabra topic!

Baking bread: irreversible changes

Baking bread: irreversible changes 1
Baking bread: irreversible changes 2

Welcome to Autumn Term in Elder Class!


This half term our topic is Abracadabra! We will be investigating materials, mixtures and how to separate them. The topic is a science theme, but we will also be linking ICT, dance, Music, Art, DT and some elements of Literacy and Numeracy.


After half term we will move on to a creative craft topic based on Celebrations and festivals.

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Keep up-to-date with our work in class on Class Dojo - we post photos and information about our lessons!

Elder Newsletter Autumn 2017