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Parents Testimonials

“Daisyfield is a great school with friendly, approachable and caring staff. They have helped both my children over the years and I cannot thank them enough. It’s great that we can have a quick word at the door and it not feel inconvenient. Any concerns have always been dealt with promptly. My children are happy and thriving at Daisyfield and this is because of the excellent holistic approach given. Thank you to all Daisyfield Staff.” Dr Satvilker and The Patte Family

“Staff behaviour is outstanding towards parents and children, right from the Headteacher to dinner ladies. School has always been supportive from the beginning to all my 3 children, especially my SEND children.” The Hussain Family

“I have 2 daughters studying at Daisyfield Primary School. We recently moved to Blackburn and the children started mid-year in Year 2 and Year 6. All the school staff, including the Headteacher, teachers and office staff were very supportive, helpful and prompt. The school was very welcoming. My daughters settled in really well and made new friends. My eldest daughter will be leaving the school soon as she is going to join her new high school but she will definitely miss the short span she spent at Daisyfield School.” Mrs Yahya and The Qureshi Family

“Our family’s experience at Daisyfield has been wonderful. All of the teachers have been amazing. The Headteacher and the teachers have done their best to provide quality education from Nursery to Year 6. The school’s environment is fantastic and all the teachers are supportive to children and parents. Thanks a lot Daisyfield staff for your best efforts to educate our children in every aspect of life. Thank you.” The Sethi Family

“As a member of staff I chose this school because of the high quality education the school provides which I witness first hand as a member of staff, the level care is also second to none, all children are treated as individuals and the curriculum is adapted according to ability. As a parent I chose this school because it was the school I attended as a child and the ethos and community feel is still present today. The school understands the community well and my child learns about a variety of different cultures/religions.” Mrs Gorji (TA and Parent) at Daisyfield Primary

“We have more than five years of experience at Daisyfield Primary School. There is a warm and welcoming environment at the school which is reflected in the positive relationships our children have developed with their peers and the staff. We think there is a great bond between the school and the community, where each family is respected and made to feel at home. We are glad to have our children attend this school, where they receive the support they need to grow into the best versions of themselves.” Mr Deshmukh (Parent Governor) and The Deshmukh Family

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