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Design Technology

Welcome to the Daisyfield Design Technology page! 


At Daisyfield Primary School, we believe that Design Technology helps children develop as reflective learners as they work through the design process (shown right). Design Technology is also associated with creative thinking, enabling the children to solve problems (for themselves or others) that they are presented with.

Design Technology will develop children’s practical skills and they will have the opportunity to apply these skills to designing and making prototypes and products.

Through Design Technology, pupils will develop their communication skills when they are researching, sharing ideas and explaining their thinking as well as giving feedback to others as part of the evaluation stage of the design process.

Design Technology helps all children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators. Children will be able to identify some famous designers from a variety of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, which will inspire the children and allow them to understand that anybody can be a designer.

Design Technology will enable children to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. In addition, it will teach them skills involved with cooking a variety of healthy savoury and sweet dishes.

Children will have an opportunity to take part in several Design Technology projects, creating an end product for a given user, then their work will be assessed against the year group expectations through a combination of self, peer and teacher assessment. These end products will range from textiles, to food, to structures and mechanisms.

Here are some important documents about our DT Curriculum

Celebrating Design Technology at Daisyfield!