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Science - to help us understand day and night, we used an orange, torch and pencils to replicate the earth, axis and sun. We drew the equator and different countries to help us understand how it can be night in one country and day in another at the same time.

Maths - we played a game to help us to count in 3s

PSHE - we played a feelings game where we had to guess the emotions being shown through our body language

Maths - we played a game using 2p and 5p coins to practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s and 5s

Science - We have been learning how to use a thermometer, testing a range of objects to compare their temperatures

Science - we have been learning about the seasons, thinking about what could happen throughout the year. We worked as a group to sort and discuss

Place value - we have been using base ten to make different 2-digit numbers

Rounding - we have been practising rounding

Design and Technology - We have been testing different shapes for their stability as we start to think about our designs for baby bear's chair