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School Meals

How much is dinner money per day?

A.  The cost is £2.20 per meal per day which equates to £10.00 per week.


Q.  If my child is absent what happens to the dinner money I have paid?

A.  We operate a menu system, where children choose their meal at the start of each half term. If your child is absent for a full day, you will not be charged for a meal, the amount will be carried forward to the next week.


Q.  Why do I receive letters saying I owe money?

A.  Dinner money is payable in advance not arrears.  If you do not pay for your child’s meals by Wednesday, you are in debt until this point.


Q.  My child is in Key Stage 2 am I entitled to free school meals?

A.  In order to determine this you will need to apply online at or telephone 0845 070 1066. They will confirm your free meal status. Free meals do not apply until the confirmation is received.


Q.  Are there any items which are not permitted in lunch boxes?

A.  Yes.  No sweets are allowed and no fizzy drinks.  We like to promote healthy lunches at Daisyfield.  A sandwich or portion of pasta/rice with a piece of fruit and/or yoghurt plus water or squash in a drink bottle is sufficient. Energy drinks are also not allowed in school at lunchtimes or for after school activities.


Q.  Can my child choose which days they want to have a school meal and which to have a packed lunch?

A.  No.  We ask that each child chooses one or other meal arrangement for a whole half term.  It would not be fair on the school kitchen, who start preparing the meals at 8am, if numbers were to drastically change on a daily basis.