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Hazel Class

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Class Teachers


In Class Hazel your teachers are Mrs Ali and Mrs Mussa.



Our Support staff in Class are:


   Miss Patel and Mrs Barnes


Together we are always willing to help and support you in class with any aspects of your learning and concerns related to school and at home.  

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We can't quite believe we are already into the first week of our new academic year!  We have made a fantastic start to the year with lots of positive and hard work.  Be sure to regularly check our class page to keep yourselves updated.



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This term we are going to delve into the legendary adventures of Beowulf.  We will be using lots of drama and speaking and listening strategies to develop our understanding of the characters of Beowulf.



We will re-visit previous years grammar skills as well as build on using new skills to  become confident, creative writers. 



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We already know the children are having a blast with their 'Timetable Rockstar' challenges so we are hoping children will be able to apply their skills through the units this term. 


We will be consolidating all our learning so far and continue to extend our knowledge on Place Value this term.  There will be a great focus on number and the number system including Roman Numerals. 


We will be challenging pupils to work together as a team as well as independently throughout the term. We have some exciting problem solving tasks for them to crack!


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There is a great emphasis on reading throughout this year in school as well as Class Hazel.  The children will take part in a game of 'Book Battleships' , where children will read a range of books written by different authors and challenge themselves to improve their reading and writing.  Let the Reading challenge begin!!






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Under Attack


We are so excited to learn about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We will be using timelines to understand when these groups of people came into our British history and also explore aspects of their lives.  We will also discuss the legacies that these group of people have left behind for us. 


iHola! This year children will be learning the global language of Spanish. Since there are approximately 559 million people who already speak Spanish around the world, we thought why not add a few more to the mix?


We will learn common phrases and we will be revisiting letters and numbers this term. Please do encourage your child to practise their Spanish skills at home.


iAdios Amigos!