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Hazel Class

Class Hazel,

Your work that will need be completed DAILY will be uploaded below. Click on the correct star to view your work.


Please ensure that:

English work is written at the front of your BLUE book. 

Maths work should be done in your ORANGE books.

Reading and Topic work will need to be completed at the BACK of your BLUE books.


Don't forget the date and LO before any work. 

We will message you when we need to see your work. Feel free to contact us on Class Dojo. 


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Class Teachers


In Class Hazel your teachers are Mrs Ali and Mrs Mussa.



Our Support staff in Class are:


   Miss Patel and Mrs Barnes


Together we are always willing to help and support you in class with any aspects of your learning and concerns related to school and at home.  

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Spring term has started and what a fun filled term we have planned. From exploring the Big 5 of Africa to the extraordinary honey bee. 


We have already booked an exciting educational visit so be sure to pop back on to our class page to find out what where we go. 



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This term we are looking at the features of folktales. We are using the tales of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox to really immerse ourselves into the unit of study. 


We are becoming much more confident at using different sentence starters in our writing and being able to explore characters in a variety of ways. 


We will re-visit grammar skills that have been covered previously as well as build on using new skills to  become creative writers. 



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We started the term off by looking at the place value & negative numbers. We will move on to fractions which will challenge us but we know we can master it if we persevere! 


We have been looking at problem solving and reasoning questions in our maths lessons but we aim to be able to explain our understanding thoroughly.  


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So many of our children have already achieved their Bronze Reading Award. We will continue to challenge them to achieve their Silver Awards this term. 


In guided reading we will be looking at different types of texts but we will be mainly focusing on developing our explanations to inference questions. 


Our class reading book for this term is Perry Angel's Suitcase by Glenda Millard. Class Hazel were introduced to this book during a guided reading session and requested a class set from Mrs Shiers (English leader)

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The Big 5


This is one of the most exciting units of study this term. We will be using our scientific skills to research and classify animals according to their nutritional needs. 


Next we'll move on to exploring traditional African music and find out different ways to play the African drum. This will link nicely to our traditional African dance which we will practise during PE. 


Finally, we will move on to food from Africa. We will taste and make traditional Moroccan soup.  

Miss Churchill visits Class Hazel to tell us all about her visit to Africa

African Food 


We have been looking at the food that is grown and readily available in Africa. Using ingredients that are easily found in Africa, Class Hazel designed and made some Moroccan soup and some pomegranate infused couscous which was part of our Design Technology. 

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iHola! This year children will be learning the global language of Spanish. Since there are approximately 559 million people who already speak Spanish around the world, we thought why not add a few more to the mix?


This term we will continue to learn our Spanish numbers, days of the week and may even squeeze in months of the year. 

Class Hazel will be using drama to really enhance our Spanish skills. 


iAdios Amigos!


Learning is Fun 


Have a look at some of the fun we had last term. We visited the Anglo Saxon village at Martin Mere and we have really enjoyed expressing our Artistic skills using a variety of techniques and mediums. 


Spring Term Newsletter