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Attendance & Punctuality

Our current whole school attendance is: 95.7%

The class with the best attendance last week: Elder  

The classes with the best punctuality last week: Maple, Elm, Chestnut, Rowan and Elder

Most improved attendance: 

At Daisyfield Primary School we are committed to helping all children thrive and achieve our mission statement of ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve.’ Good attendance and punctuality are an integral part of the education process and ensures that children have the best start in life. Missing school, or being late to school can have a negative impact on the social, academic and long-term future of our children. Mrs Stewart is our Attendance Lead and works closely with children, staff, parents, governors and the Educational Inclusion Officer to promote procedures for good attendance.


Persistent Absenteeism

Children whose absence is less that 90% are classed by the Government as a persistent absentee. Children who are persistently absent from school generally don't do as well as their peers in national tests. They may also find it harder to form friendship groups. 


School closely monitors every child's attendance, and will work closely with families whose children are on track to be a persistent absentee. Help and support is offered, and we ask that parents, in line with the Government's expectations, engage with school to ensure that their child doesn't miss out on their education.