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Willow Class



Welcome to Willow Class, Year 6.

My name is Mr. Ainarkar and I am the Class Teacher.



Willow Class is supported by our wonderful TA, Mrs. Musa.


In Year 6 and Willow Class, the expectations on the children will always be high and the children will be pushed throughout the year to fulfill their potential. 


In May, the children will undertake their Key Stage 2 SAT's and it is important that we prepare for this from the beginning of the year whilst enjoying our learning.


During the Spring Term, we will be working on:

  • Place Value, Sequences and Coordinates
  • 2D Shapes, Translation and Reflection
  • Measurement (temperature) and Statistics (mean)
  • Calculating with Fractions
  • Mental & Written Division
  • Mental & Written Multiplication


Below is a YouTube Channel which is brilliant for your Maths Revision. Have a look at the videos available when you are revising at home to help you.

channel opener

Coming up on Thursday... A new playlist for you. Multiplication! I will be uploading to it on Thursdays and Saturdays.


Year 6 Spring Term 1


Heroes and Villains: Macbeth by William Shakespeare




Genre Coverage: Older Literature


Unit outcome: A scene for a story or a new chapter, drawing on the writing style of a particular author.


Macbeth by William Shakespeare will be the central text we will focus on.


These are some the writing objectives we will be focusing on:

  • Manipulate sentences to create particular effects.
  • Use ellipsis to link ideas between paragraphs.
  • Investigate and collect a range of synonyms and antonyms e.g. heroic, bold, courageous, daring, fearless, gallant, noble, valiant, cowardly, fearful, meek.
  • Draw on similar writing models and reading.
  • Select appropriate vocabulary and language effects, appropriate to task, audience and purpose, for precision and impact.
  • Introduce and develop characters through blending action, dialogue and description within sentences and paragraphs.
  • Finding examples of where authors have broken conventions to achieve specific effects and using similar techniques in own writing, e.g. repeated use of ‘and’ to convey tedium, one word sentence.

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation
Warm ups throughout the reading phase – focus on investigating and collecting a range of synonyms and antonyms e.g. heroic – bold, courageous, daring, fearless, gallant, noble, valiant, cowardly, fearful, meek.


We will also be working on other areas of Punctuation and Grammar in preparation for our SAT's too.

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