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We investigated the relationship beetween stretchiness and distance. We stretched the elastic band back to different numbers eg. 10cm, 20cm, 30cm. We let go of the elastic band and observed how far it went. We then measured the distance. We noticed that the more we stretched the elastic band, the further it went.

First, we put cotton wool inside a plastic cup. Then, we put holes in the base of the cup. After that, we put a second cup beneath the first cup to catch the water. Finally we poured water over the cotton wool and watched it rain! This showed us how clouds fill up with water vapour and then release rain droplets.

To help us understand day and night, we used an orange, torch and pencils to replicate the earth, axis and sun. We drew the equator and different countries to help us understand how it can be night in one country and day in another at the same time.