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Willow Class



Welcome to Willow Class, Year 6.

My name is Mr. Ainarkar and I am the Class Teacher.



Willow Class is supported by our wonderful TA, Mrs. Bridge.


In Year 6 and Willow Class, the expectations on the children will always be high and the children will be pushed throughout the year to fulfill their potential. 


In May, the children will undertake their Key Stage 2 SAT's and it is important that we prepare for this from the beginning of the year whilst enjoying our learning.


During the Autumn Term, we will be working on:

  • Place Value
  • Mental and Written Addition
  • Mental and Written Subtraction
  • Mental and Written Multiplication
  • Mental and Written Division
  • 2D and 3D Shape


Year 6 Autumn 1 - Survival!

This half term block, based around a theme of Survival, consists of two English units:
• Novel as a Theme
• Biography

Cross curricular links
Although the units will stand alone, they can be planned to run alongside Science and Geography work on Evolution and inheritance (adaptation, survival of the fittest,
reproduction and passing on traits) and the World’s countries and key features. The unit on biographies has been chosen to fulfill the National Curriculum requirement that children in upper Key Stage 2 should read and discuss an increasingly wide range of non-fiction and reference books or text books. Famous scientists are suggested as the topic for the biography unit but the unit could be easily adapted to support another curriculum area if desired.

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation
Skills have been specifically identified for each unit from Key Learning in Writing. The full set of units include all skills for the year group. However, if these units and/or skills are rearranged from the planned order, modifications to the identified grammar skills may be necessary. When planning, consider if the suggested skills are the most appropriate for the class or if different skills are needed based on assessments of
children’s outcomes. This may involve the revisiting of skills from previous year groups. Refer to Key Learning in Writing for the year group to ensure full coverage over the year.

Willow Autumn Newsletter Sept 2018