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Beech Class


A Very Warm Welcome to Beech Class


Class Teacher - Mrs Hughes

Teaching Assistants - Miss Dixon, Mrs Patel & Mrs Kenny



"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom"

"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 1
"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 2
"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 3
"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 4
"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 5
"Our adventure began exploring our new classroom" 6

Home reading books


Home reading books  reflect where your child is within their phonics stage. The books they take home can be used to help them find their sounds as well as use their phonics to help them read unfamiliar words. Please do encourage your child to use their phonetic skills whilst reading.

This term reading is a key focus for everyone in Beech Class as we know that reading will help us to develop our writing, understanding, spelling and phonics.

 Children need to bring in their home reading books and reading logs every day as we read with selected children daily.

Please do continue to encourage and support your child to read 3-4 pages each and every night, as this will help them develop their understanding across all their lessons including math reasoning, growing their vocabulary, their imagination and it also helps them to develop their communication skills too!

Along with reading it is also important that you ask your child open ended questions about the story such as who is the main character, what happened  next, where did it happen?

This can be done through fun activities such as making faces that the character might have felt, by acting out the story, draw a picture or even make a model.




In maths we will continue to extend on our learning from reception. We will be focusing on our numbers including counting reliably, writing the digits and also the number words. 

Please do practice at counting and writing these at home. We will start to understand what numbers mean and how we can make up a given number, what is one more/less than a number as well start to understand how we make up a teen number.

 Our learning will continue through the small provision areas and this term we are continuing to extend our number knowledge and all children will be working towards being able to count on forwards or count backwards from a given number.

Our counting in 2's, 5's and 10's will also start so please do practice these at home by using everyday activities such as setting the table, baking, pairing socks or counting toys as your child helps put them away.

We have regular quizzes and team competitions on our numbers so please do continue to support your child at home - its amazing how much they can remember in such a short space of time!

In addition we will be looking at shapes, measurement, positional language and capacity.

 Our website and purple mash have some great games and ideas to help with home learning.



This term we have a great deal to cover. Our topic this term is "Pirates", which enables us to look at information or factual text about ships, what they wear and what they may eat.  Our focus for the first few weeks will enable us to create simple sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops..

In addition, we will also be continuing our writing by looking at making a shopping list for our Pirate snacks, labeling of ships, costumes and pirate pictures.

We will start to think about how we can listen to others and extend an idea, as well as how we will be able to express what we mean in full sentences.

 We will be focusing on our handwriting, our reading and how we can extend our sentence by using the conjunction 'and', as well as looking at new words and how to make our sentences fun.

The term will continue to focus on the children's skills of sequencing, letter formation and good sentence writing.

 There will be fun activities to enable the children to practice writing simple sentences, labeling and lists.


"Our budding actors and actresses begin to show off their talents!"

"Our budding actors and actresses begin to show off their talents!" 1 Playing pirates!
"Our budding actors and actresses begin to show off their talents!" 2 I like handstands!
"Our budding actors and actresses begin to show off their talents!" 3 My car!
"Our budding actors and actresses begin to show off their talents!" 4 Playing dinosaurs!



This term our topic is all about science and looking at speed, sound and motion. We will investigate the movement of objects, as well as become explorers and visit some new lands and simple compass directions whilst on our travels.

In addition we will be learning about dance, art and using drama to explore our senses and how we can move.

Our design technology challenge is to make a remote control for our chosen pirate! We have lots to look at and we are looking forward to hearing all the fabulous ideas from the class.

In PE we will continue to develop our skills of expression through movement,  balance, throwing and catching.

Finally, amazing music will be lots of fun as we will have our weekly singing, alongside we will be looking at music by learning ‘Shiver me Timbers’ pirate song, and linking with any sounds associated with pirates and the sea to add to the song. 

A few reminders for this half term


PE for this half term will be held on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Please can you ensure that your child's PE kit is clearly labelled and left in school over the half term. 


In Beech Class we will be providing a variety of creative homework opportunities for you to enjoy with your child. In addition, I will continue to provide a piece of either English or Math homework each Friday to support your child's learning for that week. Any homework should be returned to school by the following Tuesday.

Please can you remind your child that they must complete their own homework as I often link this to activities the following week.


Home reading books can be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday if there are two signatures from you in their home reading logs. Additionally, your child will need to have completed any comprehension questions that may have been sent home with their home reading.


All children will receive  a 'Purple mash' login. This will be stuck in the inside front cover of their homework books.  


Additionally, to help your child with phonics parents and children can access some of the phonics games free via 'phonics play'. This will help develop your child's reading and also give them additional confidence in class.


Finally, please could I ask that you provide a named water bottle for your child. It is important that they stay hydrated throughout the day as it will help them concentrate and stay focused. This will remain in school throughout the week.


If you have any questions please do let me know at either the end or the start of the day.


Keep a look out for our class newsletter and pictures.