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School Council

Welcome To Our School Council Page

This year our School Council are working with Mrs G.

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr Ainarkar for all his tremendous work with School Council over the last few years.

This year's school councillors are:


Anees Ahmed and Zaianab Patel  


Ibrahim Patel and Humayrah Kamali


Sumaya Ellahi & Hamdaan Awais


Humaydah Jabeen & Binyameen Chati


Aisha Patel & Rayaan Sidat


M.Shaheer Mahmood and Fatimah Patel


Umar Patel & Shaniya Bau


Tayyab Farhad and Humeira Vaid


M. Rayhan Patel & Imaan Ahmed


Yaseen Ali & Hadiya Bilal


Please keep an eye on our board for important updates and come and find us with your ideas! 


Meeting With Council About Littering

On Tuesday 20th October 2015, our School Council met up with a member of the council who is responsible for helping to reduce littering.



We asked the following questions:


Questions from our School Council to our Visitor


Muhammad: When we are walking to swimming, we have noticed that there is a lot of litter on the streets and around school. It does not look very nice.

Abdullah: Please can you tell us what can be done to stop this from happening?


Deena: We have noticed a lot of littering happens underneath the bridge on Pelham Street.

Yusuf Chati: Please can you tell us what the Council does about littering on the streets at the moment?



Safaa: We would like a bin to be placed on our Playground to help stop littering too.

Raeesa: What do you think about this and is this possible?



Yousuf: We would like to create posters to encourage people not to litter.

Hudaa: Do you think this is a good idea and what key messages would you like us to try to get across?