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Stars of the week

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STARS OF THE WEEK 20th April 2018


This week children were awarded the star for showing respect and manner. They received one of our vision bands. Here are our stars congratulations everyone!!:

Maple – Aliya Patel(am)/ Aaminah Ally (pm)

Oak Class – Sufyan Desai

Elm Class - Umaymah Mangera

Beech Class - Aisha Pathan

Birch Class – M Anees Ahmed

Sycamore Class – Umar Jalil

Chestnut Class - Rayyan Kiria

Rowan Class - Hammad Khan

Hazel Class - Safa Patel

Elder Class - Mohammed Zina

Willow Class - Muhammad Ali

Mrs G – Sarah Abdulsalam

Keep up the good work!







Keep up the  good  work!