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Hazel Class

Welcome to Class Hazel 


In Class Hazel you will have 2 teachers.  Mrs Ali who teaches in the mornings and Mrs Ahmed who teaches in the afternoons.



Our Support staff in Class are:


                                   Miss Dudha                 Miss Foolat


Also to help in the mornings, we have Mrs Patel.


Together we are always willing to help and support you in class with any aspects of your learning and concerns related to school and at home.  

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Welcome to a new year in Class Hazel


Let's find out what we are learning this term:


Our topic this term is:




The Big Five” is a thematic unit based around the continent of Africa, with a key focus on geography and history. Pupils will be learning about the location of Africa and its largest countries. They will also study the Benin era which started around AD900 and compare what was happening in Britain at the same time.

This unit will also look at other aspects of curriculum too , we will link music and look at the theme from the 'The Lion King'

we also look at some African food.

Keeping with the theme, our focus in Literacy is looking at African myths and folktales.  We will look at features of these texts and write our own myths.



What are we learning in Maths this spring

  • Read and write numbers with one decimal place
  • Count on and back in 0.1, 1s, 10, and 100s from any given number up to 10,000
  • Count forward and backwards in equal steps and describe any patterns in the sequence
  • Order a set of random numbers to at least 10,000 including amountsUnder of money and measures involving decimals
  • Count backs through zero to include negative numbers
  • Recall multiplication facts for x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x8 x9 and know the division facts
  • Understand that fraction is one whole number divided by another
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Co-ordinates and Geometry
  • Finding the area of rectilinear shapes

What to look forward to this term:


Week beginning 15th January we have our READING WEEK!

During this week we have loads of activities planned where reading is our focus and hope to make reading fun through variety of activities.

This will include:

KS2 reading to the younger children

Teachers sharing their favourite book in different classes

Dress up as a favourite character day

and the week will finish off by watching 'Awful Auntie' at the Preston Guild Hall.


We will keep you posted with pictures from these days.  So watch this space!