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Parent Information -Curriculum and Policy

The children are taught all aspects of the curriculum and our staff are now doing this through a creative topic based approach. Our pupils are also fully involved in learning about the world around them and in becoming model citizens.
All children are taught as individuals with greatly differing strengths and weaknesses.
We are fortunate in having a number of staff who are employed to give special help to children for whom English is an Additional Language plus other support teachers.
Our aim at Daisyfield is to build a great curriculum based on what children can already do well and to build on that to develop the skills they need for the future.
All schools in England and Wales are required to follow the National Curriculum.
This curriculum contains core and foundation subjects. The core subjects are
English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.
Children’s work is continually assessed, thus allowing the teacher to monitor progress and evaluate needs. The work is then planned according to needs and abilities of the child.
The curriculum is broad, varied and flexible and is aimed at developing the full potential and capabilities of your child. Full copies of Curriculum Policies are available in school should you require more information. Details of our curriculum are also shared at our 'Meet the Teacher meetings' in Autumn Term.