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Golden Time

Since we are literally making history while we are all at home I thought you might like to make a time capsule for your 'Golden Time' today.


A time capsule is a box that contains items or artefacts that belong to a present time period. It is then buried in the hope that someone in the future will come across it and find a piece of your history. Below is a video of one that was found in 2015. What would you put inside your time capsule? How awesome would it be for someone to find your time capsule in the future?! 


Since we are all preparing for Eid, you may want to add some pictures/ photos of your Eid bakes and preps too. How about your favourite Eid treat recipe for someone to follow and enjoy in the future.


Remember, don't put any perishable food items in your time capsule as it may damage the other items in your box. I have uploaded a PDF that you can print and complete but if you do not have a printer you could always do the same sort of activities on plain or coloured paper. Remember to write neatly and clearly so someone in the future can actually make sense of what is written! 


Please do send me some pics of you completing this activity. I wonder if there is anything in my garden? Question is, do I start digging? 😬



First look inside Boston time capsule from 1795

Researchers in Boston took a look inside a centuries-old time capsule buried by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. Contents will temporarily be put on display at ...