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Welcome to the EYFS Unit



Teachers - Mrs Nickson, Miss Pemberton and Miss Clark

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Adam, Mrs Gorgi, and Mrs Patel

Our topic this half term is Toy Town





This is what they will be learning about:


Spring 1

Week One - Favourite Toys 

Week Two - Cuddly Toys

Week Three - Toys that Move

Week Four - Construction Toys

Week Five - Toy Story 

Week Six - Games


Autumn 2

Week One - What is a Celebration?

Week Two - Birthdays

Week Three - Weddings

Week Four - Christenings

Week Five - Christmas is Coming

Week Six - Christmas is Here! 


Autumn 1

Week One—Settling in

Week Two—Who am I?

Week Three—Who is in my family?

Week Four—Similarities and Differences.

Week Five—My Pets

Week Six —Helping at home

Week Seven—Belonging





The Book Bus

The Book Bus 1 We enjoyed selecting books from the Book Bus
The Book Bus 2 Promoting a love of reading

National Film Week

National Film Week 1 We were treated to popcorn and candyfloss. Yummy!

We are Artists!

We are Artists!  1 We learnt the skill of observational drawing
We are Artists!  2 Hugh showed us how to use a template to help us
We are Artists!  3 We looked the plant and drew our own
We are Artists!  4 We then chose our own objects to draw

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning  1 Grouping the Spinning Jenny's to count them
Outdoor Learning  2 Finding the 'biggest leaf'
Outdoor Learning  3 Finding and comparing different coloured leaves
Outdoor Learning  4 Matching the number of leaves to the numerals
Outdoor Learning  5 Matching the number of leaves to the numerals
Outdoor Learning  6 Creating a fairy garden
Outdoor Learning  7 Leaf rubbing and tree naming
Outdoor Learning  8 Clay hedgehogs
Outdoor Learning  9 Big writing on cardboard
Outdoor Learning  10 Dodging, weaving and moving in different ways
Outdoor Learning  11 Gross motor skills, to promote mark making
Outdoor Learning  12 Large scale construction