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Welcome to the EYFS Unit!


Teachers - Mrs Nickson, Miss Pemberton and Miss Clark


Teaching Assistants - Mrs Adam, Mrs Gorgi, and Mrs Patel

This half term's topic is 'Come and Join in our Celebration.' 


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This is what they will be learning about:


Autumn 1

Week One—Settling in

Week Two—Who am I?

Week Three—Who is in my family?

Week Four—Similarities and Differences.

Week Five—My Pets.

Week Six —Helping at home.

Week Seven—Belonging.


Autumn 2

Week One - What is a Celebration?

Week Two - Birthdays

Week Three - Weddings

Week Four - Christenings

Week Five - Christmas is Coming

Week 6 - Christmas is Here! 





We are Artists!

We are Artists!  1 We learnt the skill of observational drawing
We are Artists!  2 Hugh showed us how to use a template to help us
We are Artists!  3 We looked the plant and drew our own
We are Artists!  4 We then chose our own objects to draw

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning  1 Grouping the Spinning Jenny's to count them
Outdoor Learning  2 Finding the 'biggest leaf'
Outdoor Learning  3 Finding and comparing different coloured leaves
Outdoor Learning  4 Matching the number of leaves to the numerals
Outdoor Learning  5 Matching the number of leaves to the numerals
Outdoor Learning  6 Creating a fairy garden
Outdoor Learning  7 Leaf rubbing and tree naming
Outdoor Learning  8 Clay hedgehogs